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Canada Customs (CBSA)
A8A-B Cargo Control/RMD Form - 5 part carbonless
A8A 5 part form with your Carrier Code, sequentially numbered Barcode and Company Name and address printed on each of the 5 copies of the form. If you are using the Release on Minimum Documentation at the border, your Carrier Code must be indicated on the A8A Cargo Control Document which you present to Canada Customs as part of release package.


U.S. (CBP) / Canada Customs (CBSA)
7512B U.S./Canada Transit Form
4 part Carbonless Form. For Carriers transporting goods moving in transit from one point in U.S. to another point in U.S. through Canada by highway are documented on the United States-Canada Transit Manifest, Form 7512-B Canada A8B. (Or from one point in Canada to another point in Canada through the U.S. by highway.)


Bill of Lading Forms
8½ x 11" - 3 part Carbonless - 2 colour
Universal. Can be used for documentation of both regular and hazardous material shipments. Meets current regulations. Terms and conditions on back.

Trip Cost
Report Envelope
12 x " Envelopes printed on front
Envelope contains spaces for itemizing miles/km's driven, highways used, states/provinces travelled through and expenses. Use for storing expense receipts.


U.S. / Canada Forms
Form 7533 - U.S. Inward Cargo Manifest - 3-part Carbonless

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